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90 day transformation

So I’ve piqued your interest. Now let me tell you what you can expect from your first 90 days with me.



Weekly check-ins.

Set out a CLEAR plan of action. Build the road for the journey you are about to embark on.

Dial into your mindset.

Design a training program that fits your life.



Tune in and reflect on who you are becoming now you close in on the first 60 days as the NEW YOU

Ask you to find ways on how to become that inspiration you know everyone is looking for.

Work on leading the way and taking another leap of faith onto the next level. 

Weekly check ins to rate your performance as an individual and zone in on how you feel that is improving your relationships with those close to you



Give you a little leeway to test you on how you cope making this the last fat-loss plan you join. 

Here we challenge you on consistency

We check in weekly ( Like we’ve always done to keep you accountable)

Schedule in a retail therapy shopping trip. It’s time you or someone you are dating/ in a relationship with treats you

Get ready to ask yourself..

When are you shopping for your new wardrobe?

When was the last time I felt this happy?

How much has my life improved?

Who can I tell first?

What beach am I going to first?

Don't put it off any longer


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