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About me

It’s probably best to get to know who you’re working with..


Diabetes at 4


Fit healthy individual not allowing condition to hold me back or get in the way of living my life and achieving my goals.


S24 is born

Trained in parks, community halls then gathered a good following to open my own fitness studio where we ran instructor led workouts, Personal training and coaching seminars 

2021 and the future


The results that members received whilst the studio was shut opened me into enrolling in online coaching full time and shutting the studio doors. 


Professional Footballer

Dunfermline, Dundee United, Scotland, Raith Rovers. Finishing off playing for some Semi professional Junior sides before deciding to take up the coaching role of S24 Fitness



Allowed me to step back and see how I can accelerate results for females who were being controlled by their “Diet Mentality”

About me

My name is Steven Leslie and I started S24 Fitness in 2014 out of my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing. My love of playing competitive football from a young age, as well as being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 4, had meant that I’ve always been interested in the diet, fitness and general health.

Why I do this

I’ve trained 100s of frustrated females who have been controlled most of their adult life by fad dieting programs. The stress, overwhelm + sheer lack of control is what drives me. My job is to coach the fundamentals of fat loss, remove the bullshit and give each individual the tools to live their life in full control with the results they have always dreamed of. We play the infinite game - We coach lifestyles that can be implemented long term. I do this out of my own frustration of living and witnessing the high ups but ultimately the lowest low mentality of always striving for the end result in a  fad diet but never quite reaching the full potential. I witnessed how this affects not only the individual but their family + friends also. People chase the outcome too often without giving full attention on the fundementals, therefore, leading themselves down a path of failure.

My mission is to give back, lead them down the road of success and ensure they have someone to fight in their corner. The game is not to provide a PDF and hope for the best. My mission is to provide world transformational coaching and have yet another female knocked off the Fad-dieting train. 

After leaving a number of jobs I decided to start doing fitness instructor courses while working part time at a hospital. The next step for me was a simple choice: join a gym or go it alone. You wouldn’t be reading this if I chose the former. 

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