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The results don't lie

Here’s a selection of some transformation journeys - are you up for the challenge?



I joined S24 Fitness Transformation Program after being inspired by a friend on Facebook losing a stone during lockdown, while I was gutted I had gained (another) stone! I had tried all sorts of fad diets the last few years and the results never lasted. I had lost my motivation to work out, my confidence in my appearance and my energy/ fitness and had run out of ideas how to turn things around. Fast forward fifteen weeks I have lost one and a half stone without ever feeling deprived and my energy and fitness have rocketed! Steven is a great motivator and coach, both in the Transformation Program and in his fitness classes which are the best classes I have ever done. Steven and all the members on the Program and at classes are so welcoming and always guaranteed a good laugh aswell as an amazing workout at S24, can’t recommend enough!



I joined the 12 week transformation programme at the start of January this year. Having tried many ‘fad’ diets over the years Stevens way of doing things is by far the best and most sensible way. It’s in no way a diet but a lifestyle change. It did take me a week or two to get into the swing of it all but it soon became second nature. Planning and preparation are key to staying on track. I’ve never joined anywhere that I’ve felt as comfortable so quickly.
S24 are a great bunch of people where no one judges you. Steven is always there to support you (and give you a wee kick up the backside if needed)
Being honest I was doubtful at first that I could get the kind of results Steven was telling me I could…..I shouldn’t have, I went on to lose 22lbs over the 12 weeks. I managed to lose every single week even having the odd night out.
I would really recommend the transformation challenge to anyone looking to change their lifestyle, get fitter and make new friends - Claire Wilson



I completed the 12week challenge with S24. From the initial phonecall with Stevie I knew I was in good hands. He understood what I needed from the transformation and done his utmost to motivate to push me. The support from the other members was brilliant as well, and it really is a community of people who want to help and encourage one another. From someone who has never stuck to anything I completed the 12 weeks. And this is just the start for me. Couldn’t recommend S24 enough - Susie Caroline



Steven promised 20lbs off in 12 weeks and that’s exactly what happened!!! A few weeks later I had lost 2 st. The support within the group and the common sense approach from Steven make the lifestyle changes easier to follow.
This isn’t just for young enthusiastic ladies, I’m in my 50’s with hormonal changes happening and life changing around me. Signing up for this gave a big part of myself back! Not only I am at a weight I never thought I’d see again but I feel more in control and confident that I have the tools to keep it off. With all that  come the mental health benefits too.I Would I recommend Steven?? 100%

A picture paints a thousand words

If you want to achieve very real goals, what are you waiting for?

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