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Let's take the first step

I’m glad you’ve landed on this page. It means I feel I can help transform your life with what you have told me so. Not everyone gets the link. The reason being I only want the fully committed to jumping on board with us. Sounds pretty mad but I don’t want everyone, I just want those who are ready to commit.

Our mission is to help frustrated fad diet females with our coaching in order to help them transform their life, confidence, self esteem, body image and fitness.

There’s a very good chance you got in touch  because you’re fed up with how you currently look and feel. You’ve probably been on all sorts of “diets” – all of which will have provided quick results, but no long-term progress. This is the YO-YO diet mindset that we want to help change. 

At S24, we believe in providing each member with a long-term set of tools which will provide you with the positive motivation that will help you find your confidence, self esteem and bring back a  positive body image. 

Our goal is to help you find the confidence to do it. Our mindset, nutritional and training tools will give you everything you need to change your life. Rest assured - You’ll NEVER diet again. 

Are you ready to ditch the stress and confusion around fat-loss and start a journey that is focussed on your, requirements?  Then let us bridge the gaps and support you with the hurdles as you take the steps to change the way you approach health and fitness. 

Over the last 5 years at S24, we have worked with clients just like you, and have effectively bridged fat-loss gaps and expelling the myths around fat-loss. We used to run classes but have found a highly more effective way during lockdown to help and support our members with our online fatloss by lifestyle design program. 

It means you get alot more of us, as your coach. Support throughout the week, whenever and wherever you need us. It means you get far more content and support than a 1hr slot a few days  a week. 

Our goal is simple – to become your coach that changes everything for you, coupled with everything below

Together, we will

Build a plan of action 

Build a plan of action 

Armour you with a bulletproof mindset

Fully support the nutritional side of fat-loss

Set monthly goals and action plan the exact journey

Set challenges to level you up

Take you from your current position to the very place you want to be.

We know there’s fantastic results ahead for you and when you feel ready to change your life, hit “Get Started” below and complete our quick application form and  book your  action call.

I will personally call you to chat about your requirements as I want to make sure this program is the right fit for you. We’ll discuss what you are currently doing and decide on a personal plan with your full input and agreement. If I can help you, I will give you my full support. If I am unable to help, I will put you in touch with someone who can. I am looking for massive action takers who are ready to transform their lives.

The action call takes approximately 30 minutes, and in this time, I need to gather as much information from you as possible. This entails an honest and frank conversation which will allow me to focus on what you require to achieve your fat-loss and fitness goals. 
Get ready to lose stubborn fat, tone up and become fitter so you can build and achieve the motivation and body confidence you deserve.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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